Automatic unit for waistband application on jeans, casual trousers and denim jackets with the “continuous waistband” working method. The waistband is attached perfectly thanks to a special folding system. The unit cuts the fabric and automatically leaves open the seaming according to the needs of operator. The customer has a big range of models with various configurations and distance between the needles.

Technical Specifications

Max Sewing Speed:  4.200 rpm (chain stitch setting) /  3.200 rpm (lockstitch setting)
Stitching Length: from 0,9 to 8 mm

Standard Needle Gauge: 
FLX 3/4" - 1” - 1”1/4 - 1”1/2 - 1”3/4 - 2” - 2”1/4
CS 3/4" - 1” - 1”1/4 - 1”1/2 - 2”1/4 
LS 1” - 1”1/4 - 1”1/2 - 2” - 2” 1/4

Optional Needle Gauge:
 7/8" - 1”1/8 - 1”3/8 - 1”5/8 - 1”7/8 (FLX - CS - LS)
1”3/8 with 1/8” left side & 1/4” right side
1”1/2 with 1/8” left side & 1/4” right side
2” with 1/8” left side & 1/4” right side

Power Requirement: 220 V Single-Phase 50/60 Hz
Sewing Head: Vi.Be.Mac.

Technical Features

The automatic unit for waistband application on jeans, casual pants and denim jackets.
The unit is equipped with Vi.Be.Mac. head, which is produced completely in Italy!

The obvious simplicity of design, increased speed, electronic control of fabric transportation make this unit a perfect solution for all kinds of fashion, style or production requirements. You can forget the curve effect and have a precisely applied double waistband thanks to a combined needle feed and a special puller for double transportation (upper and lower) of fabric. Such stitching system was developed according to our clients' needs and it guarantees the highest quality of stitching and anatomically fit waistband and does not require a prior marking of fabric. Finally, this unit uses the "continuous" waistband method. 

The sewing head of the automatic v300 has the following technical features: 
-  2 - 4 needle chain stitch; 
-  2 needle lockstitch; 
-  The unit can be supplied with both types of sewing kits (lock and chain stitches).

The two types of stitches can be mixed according to the desired pattern given a complete flexibility and preciseness of this unique unit.