Pants Finisher / Blower Topper VEIT 8741

Our patented technology and equipment design makes this generation of Blower Toppers unique. Its multi-purpose modular design offers every desired solution from the simple and cost-efficient version to the high end solution. You can adapt the Pants Finisher to your individual needs.


VEIT 8741 Pants Finisher Advantages

  • The patented electromotive carriage drive of the hem clamping device ensures problem-free finishing of even sensitive stretch fabrics without any damage. This is due to the highly precise stretch control function (option VEIT-O-STRETCH or anti stretch for legs).
  • Loading height is easily adjustable in 3 steps using foot pedal (with option for short trousers).
  • Smooth and steady running of carriage improves the finish quality.
  • Trousers with a waistband width of 480 - 1430 mm / 19 - 56 inch can be finished without any pre-adjustments.
  • The trousers are two-dimensionally tensioned in a semi-circle to further improve the finish quality (with the option waistband tensioning device "body").
  • Patented and wearless waistband tensioning devices for a long life cycle.
  • Increased pressure and air volume flow due to optimised air system for ideal finish results.
  • The modular system allows a combination of the base unit with waistband longitudinal or lateral tensioning as well as with many other options.

Timing belt drive for the hem clamps:

By using an electric motor instead of an air cylinder VEIT Blower Toppers are much more precise than any other Pants Finisher on the market. This is very important for sensitive garments.

As air in a cylinder is compressed, other hem clamps which are operated by an air cylinder will never stop precisely at the point where the legs of the trouser are completely stretched out. The VEIT Pants Finisher will stop immediately as soon as the slightest force on the hem clamp is detected.

Strong motor for more stretching power:

With most washed garments shrinkage is a problem: Not for the VEIT Pants Finisher. With its powerful belt drive and overstretch function shrinkage can be eliminated.


The VEIT-O-STRETCH package is the most elaborate Anti-Stretch function available on the market containing:

  • Waistband brake: waistband tensioning system is locked during the finishing process, thus there is no pressure on the waistband. Therefore, the waistband will not be stretched during the steaming cycle.
  • Stretch-Control for leg length: This function prevents unwanted extension of the legs by moving the hem clamps upwards as soon as a force on the hem clamps is detected
  • Re-stretching for leg length: An intentional and controlled overstretching of the pants' leg can be achieved with the Re-stretching function.

With our VEIT-O-STRETCH or Anti-Stretch for the leg package, overstretched and thus damaged garments are no longer a problem!

Option waistband tensioning system "Body":

The unique semicircular VEIT waistband tensioning system "Body" forms the pants' waistband according to the shape of the human body. Unlike other Pants Finishers which stretch the waistband only sideways, VEIT's waistband tensioning system "Body" also extends the pants' waistband to the back, giving the pants a complete finish in the upper part of the trouser.

Option Short Trouser package:

This option was created for finishing shorts / bermudas:

It increases productivity as the hem clamps do not go down to the very bottom but only a short distance to facilitate the unloading. After unloading they return immediately to the loading position.

Furthermore, the hem clamps can be easily adjusted to an adequate loading position for shorts or kids pants in three different heights by simply pressing the foot pedal.

Option procket presses:

This option is designed to achieve a better finish of the pocket area (e.g. denim). Especially for Jeans where pockets often consist of several layers sewn together, the steam cannot get through from the inside. Therefore, the pocket press provides additional steam from the outside for a better finish of this critical area.



8741 with waistband tensioning system "Longitudinal"

This machine is designed for use mainly in dry cleaning shops and laundries. It contains all functions necessary for the designated applications. The highly precise Anti Stretch Function for the legs avoids overstretching and thus damage of the trousers.

Consisting of:

  • base module
  • Waistband tensioning system "Longitudinal" for waistband width from 20 - 53 inch (500 - 13500mm)
  • Hem clamping system "manual"
  • Fan unit with 550 W
  • Short Trouser Package
  • Anti-Stretch for the legs

The following table will help you choosing the right version of your Pants Finsher 8741 with waistband tensioning system "Body"


Basic: The basic version is suitable for basic pants with no or very little stretch material in the fabric. With mechanic waistband brake and mechanic brake for the legs. Not only long trousers can be finished!

  • base module
  • waistband tensioning system body
  • hem clamp system manual
  • Fan with 550W, electronically adjustable 0-100%
  • mechanic waistband brake
  • mechanic brake for the legs

Medium: The medium version is suitable for pants with little stretch material in the fabric. Additionally to the basic version the medium version has Anti-Stretch function for the legs and inside leg tensioners on the hem clamps system. Furthermore it allows the finish of short trousers

  • like basic version
  • hem clamp system “manual” incl. inside leg tensioners
  • Short trousers package
  • Air pressure separately adjustable for waistband and leg hem clamps

High: The high version is suitable for all pants even with a lot of stretch material in the fabric. The VEIT-O-STRETCH package with Anti-Stretch for the legs, waistband brake and Re-stretching function leaves nothing to be desired. This pants finisher is the most versatile as it gives flexibility to the production. From Jeans to very delicate stretch fabric this version can handle them all!

  • like Medium version
  • Fan with 750W electronically adjustable
  • steam re-heater
  • steam package
  • VEIT-O-STRETCH incl. waistband brake, anti-stretch and re-stretching function for the legs as well as stretch-to-size function
  • program package create & save up to 10 programs

Top: The top version is suitable for all pants even with a lot of stretch material in the fabric. This version has additionally to the High version lateral waistband clamps which hold the waistband neatly in place during the finish process.

Especially good for pants with elastic waistbands or pants that shall be stretched a lot. Furthermore this version has semi-automatic hem clamps with light barrier for higher productivity

  • like High version
  • lateral waistband clamps
  • semi automatic hem clamps