4650 EV7 RR

EV7RR has got a completely new presser foot, with a more solid structure to reduce the torque, and easier to adjust, with more grip, to obtain a greater stability during the sewing of the loop. Furthermore, an optional 3rd cylinder was added, to increase the traction during the loading process, and to reduce any movement of the loop.

Technical Specifications

  • Max Speed: 2.500rpm
  • Monocolor redesigned graphic panel
  • Sewing Head: Vi.Be.Mac. 
    No. of stitches: 1 to 999 (programmable)
  • Needle gauge: 20 to 80 mm Loop width: 8 to 25 mm (optional 30 mm) 
    Finished Loop: 32 to 85 mm
  • Sewing area: 15 x 28 mm 
    New presser foot with a counter-weight device to counterbalance and keep it always in the right position
  • New thread wiper 
    New loop cutting & suction device
Optional Features:

  • Optional new electronic bobbin winder
  • Optional loop aligner developed for 3D loop
  • Optional extra pressure on presser foot 
Loop cutting has been modified, in order to increase the life of the knife itself. In addition, the same hammer can be used for single or double-edged, without changing any part, and this means saving both money and time. The suction has been modified and improved, to ensure a greater efficiency. The new wiper is quicker and more efficient , and its position has been changed, to facilitate the operator. The 4650 EV7RR has also a redesigned panel, for an easier comprehension of each key function. The client can also have, on request, some optional features: a new loop aligner device, developed for the “3D” loop, but it works perfectly with all kind of belt loops, and a new bobbin winder.

The EV7RR is the perfect choice for a customer who wants to get excellent results, and great savings.

In general, the belt-loop attaching process consists of several different steps, the preliminarily cutting of the belt-loop strips into pieces, the fold into the belt-loop shape, and the sewing on the belt. Our EV7RR automatically performs these steps, the operator only has to place the garment on the sewing machine. This means increasing.